computer lab students Edmonton Clinic Health Academy ECHA

Information for Students and Non-Occupants

Where can I study in ECHA?

There is ample study space located on floors L1, 1 and 2 (click on each level to see a map highlighting the study areas). Please note that there are no study spaces on administrative floors 3,4 and 5.

Can I have a locker in ECHA?

ECHA lockers are allocated to designated health faculties and departments who manage the lockers and distribute  locks to their students. Only students designated by these faculties and departments have access to ECHA lockers.

Can I get access to my lab later in the day?

Access to labs is controlled by individual faculties and departments. Please check with your instructor or the lab manager for access hours. 

Can I book a study room? How do I get the code for the key pads?

Right now there is no booking system for the study rooms, and the keypads have not been activated. These spaces are freely available for use by all students.